Pet of the Week

Pets of the Week - 09/08/2014

LaVern 273x300 Shirley 336x300
LaVern Shirley
Cuddles 241x300  

Hi!  Let's talk kittens.  The Humane Society of Logan County has more than 10 kittens who need forever homes.  I am one of them.  My name is LaVern, and I have a sister named Shirley.  We are female calicos who were born June 7, 2014, so we are still very young.  We look very much alike, but I have a black spot above my right eye.  It would be wonderful if we could find a home together, but if we can't, we will settle for separate loving homes.  We are not old enough for rabies shots yet, but we have all of our other immunizations.  We also want you to meet Cuddles.  He is white with black and gray stripes.  He is beautiful, and he is just like his name....cuddly.  Cuddles was born May 1, 2014, so he is a little older than we are.  Come meet him and all of the rest of the kittens, cats and dogs in the shelter.  We are looking for good homes.  We will all love you back!  We are all spayed/neutered, up to date with our shots, and microchipped.  P.S.  WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU.

Photos by Noble Webster