Pet of the Week

Pets of the Week - 10/20/2014

Lucy 516x480 Gunner 400x300
Lucy Gunner
Sammie 400x300  

Hi!  My name is Lucy, and I am spreading the word that the Humane Society of Logan County has some very fine dogs!  I know that for sure because I am one of them.  I am a one year old black and white female pit mix, and I am wonderful!  I need a forever home to love and care for me.  Won't you be the one?  My friend, Gunner, who lives right next to me is also wonderful.  He is a brown, three year old male lab mix.  Gunner gets along with everyone, (labs are like that) and he is looking for that special person who will take him to his forever home.  Then there is Sammie.  She is a five month old black and white border collie mix.  You know that border collies are herding dogs, so she probably should not go to a home with tiny children.  She will want to nip as she herds them.  But, a family who wants an intelligent, working dog and is willing to housebreak, would find her to be just what they want.  Come meet us and the rest of the dogs and cats who live here.  We are looking for forever homes; people who will take us to the veterinarian, keep us inside and safe, and most of all, love us.  We are all spayed/neutered, microchipped, and up to date with our shots.  Come visit, adopt, and you can also volunteer.

Photos by Noble Webster